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The GVO Story

Joel Therien's life story is one of determination, inspiration and Pure Leverage! As a professional body builder he had the world title in his sights. Then aspartame poisoning destroyed his career and almost his life. Joel's search for answers led him to the internet and thus began his remarkable online journey.  His vision has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Trusted and liked by his clients and peers, Joel's integrity and transparency is to be admired and his motto for success is just to "Take Action".

The 7 Minute Workout Story

Joel Therien is the CEO of Global Virtual Opportunities and Pure Leverage, but you'd be forgiven for thinking he spent half his life in the gym. He has the kind of physique most people spend hours every day trying to achieve.  Chris Reid is also a super toned individual, which is what you'd expect for a Tai Kwan Do World Champion, BUT both train in exactly the same way!  Together they are the co-founders of the 7MinuteWorkout, and know the secret to building lean muscle.  It's NOT what you might think!

They also know why most people give up on their diets and exercise programs, and again it's NOT what you might think!

In the 7MinuteWorkout Story you'll discover the scientific evidence to both of the above, and learn how you can get into the best shape of your life exercising just seven minutes a day, three times a week, just like Joel and Chris.I know what you're thinking - It sounds too good to be true!

That's why I wrote the book.

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