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Concerns of Women Over 50

Concerns of Women Over 50 looks at the anxieties affecting most women in midlife.

Based on conversations with old school friends, I reflect on issues my peers and I were facing at the time, such as problems with diet, exercise, finance, health, relationships, sleep and weight gain.

They’re discussed in a conversational way and intererspersed with jokes and quotes.

Whilst not claiming to be an expert on anything, I suggest small changes you can make in your life to improve the golden years, and emphasise what you most likely already know, and that is the link between diet, weight and health, plus the importance of working hard to maintain strong finances and relationships.


Ida Godbold

It doesn't matter who you talk to, everyone thinks their generation was the best. Even those who experienced tremendous hardships recall mostly the good bits, and my Grandma is no exception.

She came from an era when people were strong, resilient and didn't just care about material things, but friends and neighbours too.  They were proud, independent and hard working. They didn't rely on handouts, didn't think the world owed them any favours and when things were broke, they fixed them. That went for relationships as well as "stuff", and it's a philosophy many of us would do well to adopt.

This is the story of my Grandma Godbold, and is based on the conversations we've had together over the years and was really written as a keepsake for family members.

Remembering Dad
Family memory book as a keepsake and tribute in celebration of my own father's life. Gone, but not forgotten!

This the book contains family photographs, the Order of Service and the Eulogy for my Dad's funeral so is not suitable for anyone outside of our family, unless you are interested in other people's lives.  Please do not purchase if you think it is a journal to complete your own personal memories. Thank you!

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