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Heather’s Hedgehog Hostel  - (Colour) Colour

Heather’s Hedgehog Hostel is a safe haven in the small town of Chatteris in the United Kingdom, where wild hedgehogs go when they're not feeling too prickly.

These nocturnal mammals are surrounded by danger and often get injured, but when kind and concerned people take them to see Heather, she rescues and rehabilitates her little guests.

She cleans them up, gives them a place to rest, food, medication, and antibiotics.  Then, when they are fully recovered, Heather releases them back to the wild where they were brought in from.

Her little registered charity is very busy and any help is greatly appreciated.

This colourful book is full of

And makes a lovely learning resource about hedgehogs for kids and adults.

Heather’s Hedgehog Hostel  - (Black and White )  

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