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Eeey Beey - The Easter Bunny  

Eeey Beey The Easter Bunny  - Read about Eeey Beey the Easter Bunny and see how he and his friends bring joy to so many children at Easter time.

Includes a small selection of Easter jokes and activities.

Flippin Fly And The Zoo Animal Alphabet  

Flippin Fly and the Zoo Animal Alphabet

One day Flippin had been a fly on the wall in a school classroom and watched the children recite the alphabet Then they had sung about a little old lady who lives in the jungle and washes clothes. It was a lovely action rhyme and Flippin couldn't get the tune out of his head.

He decided to go to the zoo to see if he could find any animal who had either met, or heard of the old woman. Flippin thought it would be a good idea to visit the animals from A to Z so he wouldn't miss any out.

As he flew around the zoo he was able to learn a bit about the animals and add a few more verses to the song he loved so much.

You can learn them too and add your own as you read along with this very educational story book.

(NOTE: This book is also available in print and includes the story as well as colouring pages, jokes and various puzzles)

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