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Life and Death Matters

A Simple Journal to Tie Up the Loose Ends

It doesn't matter who you are or where you live, young or old, rich or poor, ONE DAY you are going to die. Have you thought about how you want to go, or what will happen if you have a sudden accident, a debilitating illness, or long-term degenerative condition?

Someone may need help to help you.

This simple journal is designed to keep lots of useful information in one place, and allows you to make your own decisions about what you want done with your property, possessions, etc., and even what your send off will ideally be like. Before that happens though, you can make life easier for yourself and everyone else by making note of the relevant details of your life, happy memories and any important contacts.

Whilst you're deciding who and what those are, this simple journal also has a few colouring pages for you to fill in with the medium of your choice.

Fill them out whilst you still can.

Remember, sharing is caring and the effort you make now will help others later!

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