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I’m so pleased you found my site.  With so many other authors out there I feel honoured you’ve taken the time to check out my books.  

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Not much to tell really.

I never considered myself a writer and wrote my first book because of peer pressure.  It was about my son who has autism and when he was diagnosed it was pretty rare.  Sadly, that’s not the case these days.

I was lucky enough to get that book published straight away, although it was never written with that in mind. However,  being able to possibly help, amuse and inform people with my writing gives me pleasure, so I keep writing.

I’d describe myself as a hobbyist author, and I’ve learned many new skills and met some wonderful people on my writing journey.  Now, I not only write the books, but publish them as well.   I also ghost write for other people.

I’m quite a shy person, so you will rarely see me on camera, but if you can contact me at


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